Louis Vuitton Presents “A Tribute to Heroines”

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Louis Vuitton proudly presents A Tribute to Heroines: an exploration of art featuring Filipino contemporary artists: Ferdinand Cacnio, Chati Coronel, Olivia d’Aboville, Ramon Orlina and Popo San Pascual. The selection of artworks salutes femininity, its beauty and strength. This event commemorates Louis Vuitton’s 20th year in the Philippines.

“We have brought together five exemplary artists who have interpreted the essence of femininity in various art forms. We are proud to present these to our guests as we enter a new decade with them, solidifying the memorable relationships we have nurtured through the years. Due to the recent turn of events brought about by Typhoon Haiyan, we would like to make this occasion more meaningful by donating proceeds of the sale of the artworks to SOS Children’s Villages in Tacloban City. The donation will support the rebuilding of the village for the displaced children.”, said Rhea De Vera-Aguirre, Country Manager.

“The concept of showing artworks in the store is new in the Philippines. This event signifies our commitment globally in sharing our passion for art and creativity with more audience here.”, said Emily Zhou, General Manager (Louis Vuitton Micronesia and Philippines).

Power and Grace Ferdinand Cacnio Louis Vuitton Presents A Tribute to Heroines

“Power and Grace” is Ferdinand Cacnio’s homage to the feminine form. After 20 years in graphic design, Cacnio forged his way into the realm of fine arts at the age of 45. In 2005, he was awarded the top prize by the Art Association of the Philippines. He went on to garner awards in 2008 and 2010 with the Gintong Parangal (Golden Award) for Culture and Arts by the City of Malabon and the prestigious Parangal Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan (Arts and Culture Guide Award) by the City of Manila, respectively. Known for his ability to “tame” the stiffness of metal, Cacnio once more created a stunning sculpture in Power and Grace to capture rhythm and energy, exquisite grace and the professional skill of a female dancer.

Neck Chati Coronel Louis Vuitton Presents A Tribute to Heroines

Chati Coronel found her most honest fulfillment in painting after obtaining her degree in architecture as her artistic backbone. She paints layer over layer of strokes and images until each painting has a history to tell. Her work, “Neck”, purposely attempts to veer away from the obvious leanings of portraiture to reveal seemingly ordinary yet universal aspects of being. In her artist statement, Coronel cites a compassion meditation from the Dalai Lama as the inspiration for UnPortraits: “In order to generate compassion for someone, one can meditate on something ordinary that you have in common with that person.”

Echinoderm 3 Olivia dAboville Louis Vuitton Presents A Tribute to Heroines

“Echinoderm 3” is one of the latest works by young French-Filipino artist Olivia d’Aboville. Graduating with honors from Duperré, a prestigious Textile Design school in Paris, d’Aboville experiments with textiles and everyday materials to create artworks inspired by nature.From plastic spoons to pins and water bottles, d’Aboville is fascinated by ordinary mass-produced objects. These objects refer to our society and our lifestyle that are inevitably destroying our environment and polluting our seas. She manipulates and recycles materials to create new work. For every interesting element that inspires her, she asks herself: “What can I do with this? Can I cut it, bend it, heat it, stretch it, accumulate it and create a new form?”

A Mothers Strength Ramon Orlina Louis Vuitton Presents A Tribute to Heroines

Ramon Orlina’s exquisite glass sculptures offer multi-dimensional perspectives unlike any other. “A Mother’s Strength” is Orlina’s testament to motherhood. His work echoes a deep reverence for motherhood and depicts the mother in the pinnacle of the home, binding the family together. Orlina’s reputation extends to art circles and patrons in the Philippines and all over the world. He has been conferred two prestigious ASEAN Awards in the field of visual arts. In 2006, he was bestowed The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award for having led a life of excellence in the field of arts and having contributed immensely to public welfare and national development.

Botanica Popo San Pascual Louis Vuitton Presents A Tribute to Heroines

Renowned painter and Thirteen Artists Awardee, Popo San Pascual, revisits his blue period and celebrates the beauty and grand design of life through “Botanica”. The monochromatic departure serves as an interlude from vibrant interplay of colors which he is known for. Although he applies the same playful brush strokes to achieve the dreamlike appeal, the effect is evocative and is as delicate as fine porcelain. Inspired by endemic Philippine orchids that he painstakingly cares for in his garden, San Pascual takes a personal approach towards the exotic characteristics of these rare floral varieties that rise from cooled volcanic lava. He likens a refined yet strong woman to an orchid: its stem is strong yet flexible; it waits for the perfect time to bloom and when it does, it exhibits its endurance as no other flower.

The Louis Vuitton Philippines store in Greenbelt 4, Makati City will feature the artworks from 09 to 15 December 2013. A silent sale of the art pieces will be for the benefit of SOS Children’s Village Tacloban, the charity partner of Louis Vuitton Philippines.

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Louis Vuitton Chapman Precious Rug

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For Fall/Winter 2013, Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Studio and Style Director commissioned British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman to create an interpretation of a French baroque floral print to be used as key motifs for the collection. “I sat down with Jake Chapman and we talked through the idea of a Garden in Hell”, says Jones. “This was the phrase Diana Vreeland famously used to describe her apartment. It was something we both responded to, that and all of the unusual animals to be found in the Himalayas.”

The designs commissioned to the Chapman Brothers appear in one of the standout accessories of the Fall/Winter 2013 collection: the Chapman Precious Rug – a richly colored rug woven with the neo-baroque pattern of fantastical flora and fauna. These anthropomorphic animals and creatures appear almost like the Chapman’s own spin on the Buddhist idea of “wrathful deities”, fearsome talismanic protectors from evil and a bridge between the natural and supernatural world this season.

The Chapman Precious Rug features a luxurious blend of silk (73%) and cashmere (27%) making it a super soft and cozy accessory for cold weather. A hand-embroidered Louis Vuitton signature adds a lavish detail, a perfect crowning touch. Chapman Precious Rug measures 54.3″ x 76.8″ and is priced at US$3800. This item is super rare and is only available in select Louis Vuitton stores. So if you happen to bump into one of these, you should definitely get it!

Louis Vuitton Chapman Rug Louis Vuitton Chapman Precious RugLouis Vuitton Chapman Rug. Wool/Cashmere/Silk blend. Digitally printed Chapman brothers motif & Louis Vuitton signature. US$1750.

A more “affordable” version of the rug is also available. This time, the Chapman brothers motif and Louis Vuitton signature is digitally printed onto the fabric. The fabric composition is also different: 80% wool, 15% cashmere, 5% silk. Priced at US$1750.

About the Chapman Brothers

Dinos Chapman was born in London in 1962 and Jake Chapman was born in Cheltenham in 1966. They both graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1990 and worked as assistants to Gilbert and George before beginning to collaborate in 1992. The Chapmans weave a vast range of associations into their work using material from all areas of the cultural landscape including philosophical theory, art history, and consumer culture. They engage with inflammatory subjects and use subversive strategies to produce works that defiantly refuse straightforward interpretation.

The Chapman brothers were nominated for the Turner Prize in 2003.

“For Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection, we were commissioned to create our own interpretation of a French baroque floral print. Using hand-painted watercolor artworks from our archives, and inspired by the intricacies of Himalayan traditional arts, we added twisted and surprising elements to the creeping floral design; subverting and reinventing the classic.”

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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 Bag Collection Preview

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Following up on our previous post, the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 Collection by Juergen Teller. We highlighted the Losange tote bag, which was diamond quilted, in red and refined in golden hardware. We absolutely love that and today, we are revealing you why. But instead of explaining, you need to glance at the pictures yourself.


Notice how the LV is engraved on the front flap, they are not boring and flat. They want to pop out, very shiny and luxurious. The golden chain is killing-me-softly, I just hope they will include a shoulder strap, Nicolas please…


If the above’s tote bag is too much for you, I mean: ‘red is not for everyone’ right? Then perhaps this bag will suit your style, it’s in monogram and has a playful closure embellished on the front flap.


You got classic speedy, the neverfull, but you desire more of the iconic’s, this is a new bag that will be released for the Cruise 2015 Collection. The sides look like being wrapped around each other, reminding me of the latest Dior Addict Tote Bags.


And if cream is all what you want on your cake, then for the next season, carry a tote in plain white. This bag is streamlined (Louis Vuitton finally!!!) and it’s not even trying to scream: ‘I’m Louis Vuitton, look at me’. A tiny LV logo on the right bottom, just the way I like it.

We will post the prices and details later on, this collection has not yet been released, therefore information are limited. Like our Facebook page to the updates.







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Louis Vuitton The Icon And The Iconoclasts Celebrating Monogram Ad Campaign

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The ‘Monogram Canvas’, symbol of Louis Vuitton. In 1854 Louis Vuitton established the house, but it’s his son Georges Vuitton that created the monogram in 1896, in honor of its father and it was also the day that an icon was born.

When the Monogram appeared, it was revolutionary. In the hands of Georges Vuitton, he transformed the icon into a universal symbol of modernity and today, the symbol has captured the minds of the people all around the globe.


In 1965 Gaston-Louis Vuitton recounted how his father, Georges Vuitton, had created the motifs on theMonogram Canvas: ‘First of all, the initials of the company – LV – are interlaced in such a way as to remain perfectly legible. Then a diamond. To give a specific character to the shape, he made the sides concave with a four-petal flower in the centre. Then the extension of this flower in a positive image. Finally, a circle containing a flower with four rounded petals.’

The Monogram is now recognised globally as a defining signature, both literally and metaphorically, of the House of Louis Vuitton. As it has travelled through time, certain of its features and meanings remain the same. Blurring the boundaries between craftsmanship, art and design, Louis Vuitton has repeatedly embraced the notions of innovation, collaboration and daring throughout The Monogram’s history.

It is within this context that Louis Vuitton’s ‘Celebrating Monogram’ project appears this year. It is a collection of works that shows the distinctly personal side of the Monogram; re-presenting something we think we all know in an extraordinary, individual and idiosyncratic way. Six creative iconoclasts – the best in their individual fields – who blur the lines between fashion, art, architecture and product design, have been given carte blanche to dictate and make whatever they see fit in the patterned canvas.








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Louis Vuitton Monogram Iconoclasts Bag Collection

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A few days ago, we revealed some history about the Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Print – how it got started? How it eventually grew into a world-famous icon? And today, we are going to reveal the details of this line. Introducing the Louis Vuitton Monogram Iconoclasts Bag Collection.

First what you need to know, is that these new bags are designed by famous designers and creative directors. In fact, there are six contributors to this amazing line, they are Christian Louboutin, Frank Gehry, Cindy Sherman, Rei Kawakubo, Marc Newson and Karl Lagerfeld. Every one of them received the assignment to blend the tradition of the monogram with their own experience and inspiration and the results are stunning.




Christian Louboutin couldn’t leave red and pumps alone, so he made a complete shopping trolley with envelope pouches and even golden studs. It’s a true blend between Louis Vuitton and Loubies. Wow!





Frank Gehry looked at every Louis Vuitton handbags and thought: ‘none of them got twisted, so let me do it’. Here’s a Louis Vuitton Twisted Box Bag, it creates a bit of illusion, and it looks like a wave with its unevenness. It’s kind-of a beauty box and it comes with a beautiful glass. But with the top handle, you can use it anywhere you want.



Rei Kawakubo put holes in a shopping tote, but to make sure your items do not leak, she puts another drawstring bag inside. It got enormous spacious and its certainly a conversation starter. Do you dare to invest in Louis Vuittonwith holes?







At Cindy Sherman, you get a complete ‘Studio Trunk’. Trunks have always been a tradition at Louis Vuitton, and you can get an extremely-large transportable-trunk to store your beauty accessories, jewelries and perhaps your shoes and so on.






Marc Newson goes where the trend is. Backpacks are so in right now. It’s so hot that Louis Vuitton released a complete new line. For the celebration of the Monogram, Marc Newson designed a couple more backpacks, which are great for the upcoming winter season.






And lastly, Karl Lagerfeld. Hmmm, where did he get inspired? Remember the last Chanel ad campaign? Yep, it was shot in the gym, with boxing gloves and so on. For the Monogram Iconoclasts Bag Collection, Karl Lagerfeld a series of punching bag (in three sizes PM, MM and GM) and also an monogram punching trunk.

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Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection

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Being a fashion-conscious-woman is a fascinating and exciting job – you assemble, match and mix with different styles that go with your personality.

But the problem we’re facing today is; ‘you’re not alone’. Demand for designer bags is increasing and as a result; they are getting more expensive every year.

Second problem is the unlimited choices we have versus our limited wallet. I assume most of us do not have pockets as deep as the Mariana Trench and even if you do, you wouldn’t spend it all.

Louis Vuitton is one of the few designer brands that have remained ‘reasonable’ in terms of iconic bags, quality and prices. A Speedy 35 for example, is priced at $990 USD and it’s something that will stick with your forever – it looked cool 10 years ago and it will still look cool 10 years later.

Besides the prices, what I love about Louis Vuitton is the enormous choices that are available at your finger tip, especially their seasonal collections. And I am certain you will never be disappointed about the leather and the craftsmanship, the quality.

Get ahead of the trend and take a look at Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection (not yet released in store and on their website). Remember the Louis Vuitton Capucines BB Tote? Now in more delightful color like orange, green and purple, it just means more love.

We’ve already extensively covered their newest Doc Tote in Losange, the new Alma Tote Bag with Diamond Patterns and the Petite Mall shoulder Bag.

The prices and sizes will be shared later on, we will keep you informed, just like our Facebook page.

Anyone is expanding their wish list for the next season?



















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