The 13 Current and Classic Louis Vuitton Handbags That Every Bag Lover Should Know Right Now


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Louis Vuitton Bag

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The Louis Vuitton Pallas BB Bag that we’ve introduced last week, do not need to explain its existence, one simple look or touch (even better) is enough to make any bag-addict fall in love.

And the Pallas BB Bag is also a classic; it’s combined with monogram canvas and natural cowhide, leaving on the top a ‘touch of color’. Everything you need is there, a shoulder strap, gorgeous beige handles, two-way zipper and refined with golden hardware. It’s truly breath-taking.

If you are not able to purchase the Louis Vuitton Pallas BB Bag for whatever reason, perhaps the newest Louis Vuitton Pallas Chain Bag will trigger your shopping-spree-button. You see, it’s a chain strap to carry on your shoulder or even cross-body, it’s an unique design of monogram canvas matched with supple calf leather and elegant pleats. It helps you to go from day to night with glam effortless. Get noticed by the gorgeous golden S-lock closure.

Go into the tiny details – the golden eyelets are engraved with Louis Vuitton, there is decorative golden rivets signature on the back, the interior is made with 2 compartments that fits even a zippy wallet and a zipped pocket. You will also find a front compartment on the exterior.

Available in four different colors, measuring 10.2’ x 6.7’ x 2.4’ (W x H x D) inches.


You’ve probably already heard of the Louis Vuitton Portobello Bag, but because of its fame, we want to write a review about it.  A perfect bag for the day out or the night out, you can just sling it over your shoulder or take it by hand. With its generous space, your everyday essentials can be stored and protected, it can carry even your sweater if you pick the GM size. The leather is extra supple and the Damier Ebene is so classic. Talking about Damier Ebene, the usual lining in the interior is red, but the Portobello Bag got a special treatment with chocolate brown lining, which is both beautiful and it doesn’t stain. From experience, this bag fits comfortably over your shoulder or on your arm, it comes with an interior zipped pocket, an interior double flat pocket and there’s engraved golden hooks securing the handle and brass plates for the stylish look. With its material as durable as diamonds, you can be sure that this investment will last forever. 

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Louis Vuitton has updated their classic luggage trunks for the brand’s ultramodern Fall 2015 RTW collection. The clothes may have been rich in eye-catching silver and fur, but the brand’s metallic vanity case inspired handheld trunks stole the show. Rendered in materials like aluminum and copper, ultralight carbon and even transparent fiberglass, the trunks promise to be hot property in the coming seasons.


Long before Louis Vuitton was known for clothing, they were famous for their travel-ready luggagetrunks and the brand has tapped into this rich heritage to create a new, lust-worthy accessory for fall. The handheld trunk is available in a range of colors and materials; those looking for a classic might opt for the iconic monogrammed leather while orange, silver and muted pink are at hand for the more adventurous.

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Everything You Need To Know About Louis Vuitton Neverfull Replica Handbags


When it comes to fashion everything is important: the designer, the materials, the year the item was launched. But there some iconic masterpieces that have no expiration date, they are as desired, loved and popular as they were when they were released. The perfect example in this case will be the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bags.

louis vuitton neverfull

There are a lot of bad replicas out there and many women are really afraid to buy a fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag because they don’t want to receive one ugly, cheap-looking replica bag. I really understand this fear because it happened a lot of times even to me to receive bad replicas. But I kept changing the web sites I bought from till I finally found some providers that sell beautiful and good quality items.

LV neverfull

The most important thing when you choose a replica is that you know exactly how the original looks like. If you don’t know this then you’ll never know if you got a well-done replica or a cheap version of the LV Neverfull bag.

I am writing this article because I noticed the other day one review for a Neverfull replica bag that said that if the pattern of the LV Neverfull bag is not symmetrical on both sides of the bag that means that is a bad replica. Well, this is not true, not even all the genuine bags have matching pattern on either side of the seams. You don’t have to worry if the checkers don’t always line up. The squares on the sides don’t have to have the same size, they are not always complete and they are not always aligned for the genuine LV Neverfull bags.

I have to recognize that I was really surprised when I saw this, but this the truth. The LV Neverfull bags are made very carefully, they pay a lot of attention to their Monogram, and in most of the times they make it symmetrical from side to side. But this is something they usually do, not something they always do.

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Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2015 Bags are the Brand’s Best in Years

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Top Three Models Louis Vuitton Business Handbags For Men New Arrival Discount Sale

Louis Vuitton News

There are numerous of new Louis Vuitton handbags for women had been launched around us and have previewed lots of upcoming LV Women bags for next year, in 2015. However, fashion not only expression in women, men also leading the fashion very well. Here are three models newest Louis Vuitton Business handbags for men new arrival which features both practical and stylish. All of those new Men LV Bags available for sale on Cheap LV Bagson discount price. Let’s take a look and welcome to buy below!

Louis Vuitton N41457 Messenger MM Damier Graphite Canvas

LV Messenger Men bag in perfect size for urban adventure which brings ultimate LV Panache to the essential everyday bag. The leather trim and quick-release buckle mean style has never been so practical.

Material: Damier Graphite Canvas
Fuction: Messenger Bags And Totes
Model: N41457
Color: Black
Size: 11.8 x 7.5 x 4.3 inches
Our Price: $206.99

1 louis-vuitton-messenger-pm-damier-graphite-canvas-men-s-bags--N41457 11 louis-vuitton-messenger-pm-damier-graphite-canvas-men-s-bags--N41457_ 0


Louis Vuitton M32932 Porte Documents Business Ardoise

Latest new style created for fall winter season, this LV Business bag in taige leather, combines style and functionality. Perfect size can be keep A4 documents, an iPad or a laptop and other belongings well organized. In addition, an outside zipped pocket offers quick access toessentials, such as travel tickets, documents, keys and so on!

Material: Taiga Leather
Fuction: Briefcases And Work Bags
Model: M32932
Color: Ardoise
Size: 15.7 x 11.4 x 3.0 inches
Our Price: $240.99

1 louis-vuitton-porte-documents-business-taiga-leather-men-s-bags--M3293 21 louis-vuitton-porte-documents-business-taiga-leather-men-s-bags--M32932_ 3

Louis Vuitton N41456 Skyline Tote Black

As the pics show, we know thia modern men’s Louis vuitton tote bag is a study in engineering innovation. The handles can be adjusted so you can carry it by hand or your shoulders. The very up-to-the-minute style means it won’t look out of place paired with a suit.

Material: Damier Graphite Canvas
Fuction: Briefcases And Work Bags
Model: N41456
Color: Black
Size: 14.2 x 13.8 x 12.6 inches
Our Price: $252.99

1 louis-vuitton-skyline-tote-damier-graphite-canvas-men-s-bags--N41456 41 louis-vuitton-skyline-tote-damier-graphite-canvas-men-s-bags--N41456 5

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